Lykenem Empire

The ancient Lykenem Empire fell close to 500 years ago, for causes lost to antiquity, now. (Though there are varying versions, depending on where one is from, and of what race.) It was ruled by a triumvirate, and the number three was holy to them. There were 27 major cities (3^3), and of those, 9 were major provincial capitals (3*3).

The Lykenem were an empire made up, in it’s ruling classes, of Humans, Half-elves, Eladrin and Elves. The Triumvirate was by law drawn from those classes (called the Sentori) and had to consist of a Human, a Half-elf, and one of the two Fae races. Even though the Fae lived considerably longer than their two counterparts, they did not survive the end of the rule. In fact, in what historians believe was a power-balancing check, the Triumvirate emperors had great power, but only until one of them died. At that point the other two were killed as well, and the Sentori would elect a whole new set.

People of races other than the Sentori were considered second class citizens, and had their rights to hold property severely curtailed. It is believed by most scholars of Lykenem that this racial intolerance is what led to the dissolution and fall of the Empire.

The official religion held that the Triumvirate were incarnate with divine right and power, as long as they held to the strictures laid out for them. It was natural (and man-made) disasters not dealt with speedily were seen as signs that the Triumvirate had violated their trust in some way, and were usually followed by a change in Emperors. It is believed that other religions were allowed, as seen by household altars, but the only official temples found thus far appear to have been dedicated to the holiness of the government. The crest of the Empire was a chimera- the animal with three heads- which, regardless of their less than pleasant disposition, were also considered sacred.

The Empire was based on encouraging trade and taxing that trade; their technologies included wide, level, well maintained roads; a postal system; a network of garrisons and toll stations to protect and tax the roads; and a magical teleportation network that was used for high dollar bulk goods (the Unim). Unfortunately, the Unim was one of the first casualties of the fall, destroyed, scholars believe, to keep the Empire from moving troops to trouble locations.

  • On the maps page is an ancient map of the Lykenem Empire, though, given it’s age, how accurate it is…

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