Player metainformation

This campaign will be RP heavy. That means “The bloodied orc grunts a laugh as your attack goes wide, taking advantage of your back-swing to land an attack of his own!” Not “That misses. Orc 3 hit Bob- AC 17? 5 points.” There will be skill challenges and puzzles as well as combat encounters. Players are expected to be OK with that- and RP among themselves, as well.

The naming schema for the countries and places are bastardized Latin. Any name (as for a character) in the common tongue must have no ‘J,’ ‘W,’ or ‘C’ letters.

Allowed races= PHB, PHB2 and FR- I have all these if you need to page through them. Classes- I recommend PHB or PHB2- Run it by me if there is a question. I also strongly recommend 1 each Defender, Leader, Striker and Controller.

Racial name schemes are presented for RP purposes only, and are by no means mandatory. Character names can be whatever you like- remember, there are parents out there today who name kids things like Misty Ice and Moon Unit.

Humans – Greek; Deva – India; Dragonborn – Asian; Dwarf/Goliath – Russian; Elf (all types) – Celtic/Gaelic/Welsh; Genasi – Persian; Gnome – African; Halfling – Romanian; Half-orc – Germanic; Tiefling – Romance languages.

It’s currently PL year 492; autumn, just after harvest.

The players must come up with:
  1. Why the characters are in Karsuli;
  2. Why they know/are willing to adventure with each other;
  3. A brief summary that the other characters know;
  4. A substantial past with NPC names and hooks for the DM – locations are requested but not required. Examples

Characters must be created using either the Standard Array (PHB pg.17) or one of the printed Point Buy arrays (PHB pg.18).

If you don’t have another in mind, I like these character sheets.

Although time is the only real measure of travel, assume ~1” is 100mi on the world map.

Player metainformation

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