• Brief summary for others:
  • Name: Rane Llano
  • Player: Cat (The DCG)
  • Class: Druid
  • Level: 1
  • Race: Half-elf
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 27
  • Height: 5’6”
  • Weight: 127#
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Brown

Rane (said like rain) is a half-elf druid, but he is not the average, unapproachable and detached from society type of druid. Instead, he cheerfully describes himself as an ‘urban druid,’ which seems somewhat of a contradiction in terms. If given the slightest opening, he will explain- at length if the listener is interested- that he believes the races of man are as much part of nature as the trees, and to be healthy and happy, they cannot be divorced from it [nature]. He campaigns for parks in business districts, private gardens in residences- even rooftop vegetable plots in tenement and poor districts. He is outgoing and gregarious- the type to make acquaintances easily, and is usually the mediator in arguments. While he seems very open, the discerning listener will notice that all questions about his family or background tend to be deflected or answered with generalities.

His animal companion is a huge grey dog sometimes mistaken as a war dog (for it’s size), instead, Luath is a type of sight-hunter used (because of their size, speed, and intelligence) for large game such as boar and wolf, and since known as wolfhounds. Luath is not a friendly bitch, inviting pettings and play, but is well mannered, and will not growl or threaten unless given reason. When asked about her, Rane says that Luath is the only survivor of a litter orphaned early, and that he managed to keep her alive through grueling work as a young druid-in-training.

  • Brief for DM

Rane Llano DM Only Info

Rane is a bastard of a petty noblewoman and a elven druid. He was raised in a small barony-town, but when he was 11, his father, passing back through, took him. (Without, from Rane’s PoV, any argument from his distant human mother, to whom he has always assumed he was an embarrassment.)

His father, a high druid- from a line of such- took him back to the circle to be trained, but emphasized that Rane should expect no special treatment from him. In fact, his father, when he was around, was even more emotionally distant than his mother. Rane was raised to be a druid, will-he, nil-he- no choice in the matter. It was expected that when he was of age, he would join his father’s circle.

Instead, he left. Since druids have no implicit command structure, this has not estranged them from the druids, but perhaps from his father. Rane did not return to the barony in which he was raised, instead setting out to the closest major city, where he began his campaigning for nature in cities.

He put himself on the rolls at (the adventurer’s guild, or freelance mercenary company where the group was hired to escort the caravan) because he knows that good-will only takes one so far in society, and after that, to really make a difference, one needs power, money or fame- and he sees adventuring as a way to get them all.

Luath is exactly as he describes to his companions, with the caveat that the orphaned puppy was the only thing Rane brought with him from his mother’s- his only connection to that place.

PPS- Father’s name= Eöl Carnesîr; Mother = Aine Firchowen


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